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Pattern-making, millinery & beginner's fashion / costume design classes POSTPONED FOR NOW! 
Anyone interested in signing up for existing classes or hosting fashion/ costume classes
email me at
Classes will be in the evenings and on Saturday unless you are affiliated with a school and
​would like to book a residency during weekdays; that can also be arranged.
In the middle of this page is a silent film I created to show my various talents.
​ ​If you find the film to be too fast, visit the frame-by-frame
Pinterest IMAGE board 

Special Offer
After you receive your consulting packet and are pleased with MSP's work, please take a few minutes of your time to write a short testimonial so we can use on the website. You may also send digital photos of executed ideas, scenes, etc.
If we use your testimonial on the website we will send you $45 in
"Bruno Bucks" to use toward your next script breakdown and wardrobe consulting session over $100! To better help us fill your needs we will be sending you a survey please fill that out and send back as well.
Thank you for your business, we hope to be working with your production crew in the near future.


Deuteronomy 16:17 Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you.

Once a year MSP will give back to the arts and entertainment community. We will do one
​Pro-Bono package deal to a student, school or non profit who could really use our services.
It will consist of an entire full package valued at over $300!
If interested in this offer and to see if you qualify, simply email us and we will send you the application form and regulations. 

2019 Pro-Bono project complete​
2020 Pro-Bono project complete​
2021 Application deadline...
December 1, 2021

​ Thanks​
The Pittsburgh A&E book
Pittsburgh's BEST guide to the entertainment business!

"The ART of Archaeology"
Antiques & Handcrafted objects d'art & jewelry

 "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, Nothing will be impossible for you." Matthew 17:20
Above Youtube film is a silent film resume I created of things I have done and things I can do. Contact me for more information.

*NOTE: Not all of the thumbnails at the bottom of the Youtube videos are not MSP and we have no control over deleting them.

*Fashion is the 2nd largest world pollutant
*It take 5,000 gallons of water to make 1 T-shirt & 1 pair of jeans.
And the statistics go on…..

Once people get home with their clothes even more waste happens...
*Americans, alone, throw away 14 million tons of clothes away per year.
*95% of the people I interviewed this past year cannot even sew a button on and because of this they consider the garment "broken". They will pitch it in the trash rather than donate it. We pride ourselves when we have a recycle bin in our residence or workplace but no one thinks of the garments we toss into landfills.
My new traveling project is designed where I come to you,
​I provide all materials & tools you provide the people!
You will get a fabric swatch and a button to keep. We will provide the needle, thread and scissors to “make it sew!”
There is a PowerPoint Presentation along with other correlating interactive activities.Want me to come to you event, school, church, community group etc.?
I am willing to travel outside the Tri-state area if needed.
Pittsburgh's NEWEST  FASHION project 
Save the Earth...Sew a Button​ 

Video presentation, demonstrations, hands on 
sewing application, play vintage button games, and 
"The Mobile Museum" of antique sewing and fashion items youngsters won't even recognize!  
Learn to sew a button, promise to 'sew it forward and get a FREE Button Brigade Badge!​​​
View Youtube Video for more explanation and contact information
​​​​Contact me at 
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Ohio River Antique Mall
​Costumes, Vintage clothes props, 
handcrafted retro items & so much more can be found at the antique co-op. I'm on the second floor in the pink room.